Japanese-inspired homes are a dime a dozen in Singapore, but this one isn’t like the rest of them. An avid gamer transformed his bachelor pad into a cosy newlyweds nest when he got married. 

The main aim of the total revamp of this 807sqft two-bedroom, two bathroom condominium apartment? The space still had to remain functional enough for him to store all his gaming and audio visual equipment and vinyl collection, while providing enough storage for the missus who’d be moving in.

He appointed design interior firm asolidplan for the home makeover, which cost about $120-150k and took 15 weeks to complete.

While all existing electrical and plumbing in the apartment were replaced with new ones, the most extensive part of the project was the carpentry, which took up six out of the 15 weeks. And you’ll see why.

During the consultation process, the designers discovered that their clients often mentioned their travel experiences in Japan, and how they love the attention to detail in the culture, right down to food packaging.

06  curves

With that in mind, they came up with a design concept based on the Japanese age-old tradition of furoshiki, the delicate art of fabric wrapping items, anything from gifts to bentos.

The end result is a home enveloped in warm wood tones — from master bedroom (below) to living room — while serving the practical purpose of storage, storage and more storage.

03a bedroom

Wong Ker How, partner at asolidplan, tells “Like the traditional wrapping cloth of Furoshiki, we imagined the storage as a continuous surface to house all the storage requirements: AV equipment, vinyl records, shoes etc. 

"Using the same material to wrap the bedrooms and games room also helped to give visual emphasis to the spaces.”

04 games room 1

In fact, instant transformations in the games room (below) are possible with furniture and built-ins that pull double duty.

05 games room 2

However, the main talking point of the house is an eye-catching sculptural cabinet in the living room. 

07 living room

The unique piece is congruent with the continuous surfaces that swathe other parts of the apartment, but it also serves the function of keeping clutter out of sight.

08 living room open

The owner’s gaming equipment, vinyl record collection and bulky AV equipment used to be stored in his living room, pre-transformation. With the renovations, all that still remain in the living room, but hidden in plain sight with this unique cabinetry. 
09 dining

The same materials and gentle curves were used in the apartment’s dining area as well.

10 bath

A splash of colour was used in the bathroom, swathed entirely in blue.

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