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Let Singapore’s First Latin American Food Festival Spice Up Your Makan Plans

Take a fun culinary spin around Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Chile and Brazil — with a Balinese twist.

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When we think of Latin America (brief history lesson: it’s the continent of South America, plus also Mexico, Central America and the islands of the Caribbean), we think of heady cocktails, robust-flavoured food and partying, lots of partying. And although Peruvian and Mexican cuisine are now the darlings of the culinary world, many of us Singaporeans, so far removed from that far-flung part of the world (literally, a plane ride from Singapore to Lima is an eye-watering 30 hours), only have a cursory knowledge of it. Especially the food from regions like Venezuela and Chile.

Enter Latinada — A Week In Bali, the first Latin American Food Festival put together by affable Peruvian chef-owner of Peruvian restaurant TONO Cevicheria, Daniel Chavez. He was inspired by a trip to the Ubud Food Festival in Bali, where he met “a community of Latin American chefs preparing the authentic cuisine of their home country”, so he brought a slice of the party to Singapore. For this week-long fest, he has banded a bunch of chefs from the Latin American community in Singapore, as well as guest chefs from Bali.

The dinners, happening daily till this Sunday (23 Sept) at Tono in Duo Galleria are themed according to various Latin American countries.

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