When celebs splurge big bucks on a home, it’s not just for the space or fancy amenities — if they live in a high-rise building, they get to wake up to some pretty spectacular views too.

On Sunday (Jan 3), Taiwan-based Singaporean singer JJ Lin posted a “#nofilter” photo of that morning’s gorgeous sunrise on his socials, and well, it looks like a view we might’ve expected to find outside the window of someone who’s been dubbed a ‘Walking Money Printer’.

In other words, it couldn’t have come cheap.

Netizens were certainly impressed. The more sharp-eyed and well-informed ones pointed out that the pic appears to have been taken from JJ’s 25th floor apartment in Taipei’s Neihu District, which he acquired for a whopping NT$203mil (S$9.5mil).

According to reports, the 39-year-old made the purchase under the name of his company JFJ Productions last year. The unit covers a total area of about 685 sqm, and the building is considered one of the most luxurious residential properties in the entire district.

This guy, by the way, collects homesand cars — like most people collect stamps or coins. Not that we would have expected anything less from one of Mandopop’s biggest stars.