How Well Does Rebecca Lim Know Her CNY Superstitions?

She thinks you should step out your house with your right foot first for good luck this CNY.

It’s common knowledge that everyone in showbiz is pantang. And with CNY round the cover, we revisit a quiz we made Rebecca Lim guess which strange CNY superstitions are true and which are the ones we made up.

1. No crying on the first day of Chinese New Year or the rest of year will be bad.
REBECCA: “True? It kinda makes sense.”
Ans: True

2. If you need to clear rubbish, clear it from the back door.
REBECCA: “Er, true?”
Ans: True

3. No pointing at the mirror on the first day of the Lunar New Year lest you chase away your good luck.
REBECCA: “Huh? Never heard of this. False!”
Ans: Yup, it’s false. We made it up.  

4. Wear new slippers you bought before CNY to ‘step’ on people who gossip about you.
REBECCA: “False! What? It’s true?! Wow, I’m going to buy many new pairs of slippers.” Cross
Ans: True. Time to go shopping everyone!

5. It’s bad luck to wash your hair or shower on the eve of Chinese New Year.
REBECCA: “False.”
Ans: True. Yes, let the smell of your homecooked reunion dinner linger in your hair.

6. You can’t cut your hair too close to Chinese New Year.
REBECCA: “False. Oh, it’s true? I thought you’re supposed to cut your hair before CNY!”
Ans: True. Another reason to book that hair appointment early.

7. It’s inauspicious to talk about death or tell ghost stories.
REBECCA: “And, like, every single day. True! I’m a scaredy cat. I don’t watch horror movies and I don’t like to listen to ghost stories. If people start sharing, I just sing to myself in a corner.”
Ans: True. More bravos less boos please!

8. Do not lend anyone anything over CNY.
REBECCA: “True?”
Ans: True. Some people believe that you risk having to lend people money throughout the year if you do so.

9. Step out the door with your right foot first to enjoy good luck for the rest of the year.
REBECCA: “It kind of makes some sense. True!”
Ans: False. Fooled you, right?

10. Eating two servings of everything will give you good fortune.
REBECCA: “True. I wish it were true.”
Ans: False. It’s quality not quantity that matters, okay.

11. Turn off all the fans in case your good luck gets blown away.
REBECCA: “False! How to survive without fans and air-con?”
Ans: False.

12. Avoid going to places or roads that have the number ‘4’ on them.
REBECCA: “I hope this is false, ’cos my house has the number 4 in it. Luckily, my family is not pantang.”
Ans: False. Four crying out loud, don’t be so pantang!

Final score: An auspicious 8 out of 12! 

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