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Zendaya: Fashion's made me 'fearless'

Zendaya says she is "more courageous and fearless" because of fashion.

Zendaya: Fashion's made me 'fearless'


Zendaya is "more courageous and fearless" because of fashion.

The 'Euphoria' star has credited experimenting with clothing for helping her find out who she is.

Speaking about fashion, she said: "It's allowed me to just really say, 'I don't give an F.' Fashion has allowed me to really find out who I am and be more courageous and more fearless."

Zendaya has a new clothing collection for Tommy Hilfiger and she previously revealed it will make people feel "powerful".

She said: "The most important thing to me is that these clothes feel timeless, and whoever puts it on feels powerful and confident. I've learned about what it really takes to make a garment. Even something as simple as a plain white tee takes so much more time, people and energy then you'd think, and every job is crucial."

And 'The Greatest Showman' actress is delighted to have been given "creative control" over all aspects of her collection.

She explained: "When I was first presented with the opportunity, I was told that Tommy Hilfiger himself wanted to talk to me about it. And sure enough he was on the phone, explaining how he wanted me to be as creative as I wanted. He told me how I would be able to truly have creative control from concept to clothing, down to the font on the packaging. I was in heaven when I showed up with my inspiration boards and a million ideas, and I was allowed to just go for it, with all the support in the world."

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