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Yungblud delays EP The Underrated Youth by a week

Yungblud has decided to push back the release of his EP 'The Underrated Youth' by a week to tweak one of the songs.

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Yungblud delays EP The Underrated Youth by a week


Yungblud has delayed the release of his new EP 'The Underrated Youth' by a week.

The 'Loner' rocker has decided to push the mini album's release back from October 11 to October 18, because there is one song which he thinks still requires some tweaking and he wants to make sure it's "perfect" for his loyal fans.

Explaining his decision to delay the project in a video posted on Instagram, the 22-year-old star - whose real name is Dominic Harrison - said: "Yo what's going on? So I was in the studio last night listening to the EP, and it occurred to me that one of the songs isn't quite right yet. "And I've got a bit of a favour to ask you.

"I just want to keep it real with you guys, and I just wanna ask if I can have one more week on the EP. If I can push it back to the 18th from the 11th - just because I want everything that I release and give to us and make a part of our history to be absolutely perfect. "And one of the songs, I don't think is yet."

Yungblud is however going to put out a new song next week, which he teased is "mental", to make it up to his fans.

He added: "So I'm sorry to anyone who's going to be well disappointed but I promise you it's coming out on the 18th, and I will be dropping something next week, and its going to be mental, to make up for it.

"It's going to be crazy. I love you all man, and I can't wait for you to hear this music, I think it's the best yet."

This summer, the British star caused a stir on the River Thames in London with a live performance of the single 'Hope For The Underrated Youth'.

The singer treated his fans to a performance on a boat before heading up the river to the Houses of Parliament, where lyrics from his politically-motivated single were projected.

He said: "The world right now tells us fall in line, it tells us what you're allowed to care about, think about, even to the point what air you should f***ing breathe. Things are changing drastically, a lot of the time not for the better and it's hard to watch. I meet so many young people everyday and the one common denominator I find is the constant fire to defy apathy and the optimism to do anything in your power to fight for a better, more equal world. This song is about freedom of speech. This song is about freedom of expression. This song is about the forward thinking, racism hating, LGBTQ+, liberal "sinners" that we all are. I see that there is hope for this "underrated youth" and I believe the future looks bright because we are in it."

The track-listing for 'The Underrated Youth' is:

1. 'Braindead!'

2. 'Parents'

3. ''Original Me (featuring Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons)

4. 'Casual Sabotage'

5. 'Hope For The Underrated Youth'

6. 'Waiting On The Weekend'

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