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Wendy Williams will marry again

Wendy Williams plans to re-marry following her split from Kevin Hunter, but she says it will be "under new circumstances".

Wendy Williams will marry again


Wendy Williams plans to re-marry following her split from Kevin Hunter.

The 55-year-old talk show host called time on her relationship with Kevin - with whom she has 19-year-old son Kevin Jr. - earlier this year after 12 years of marriage following allegations he had a baby with another woman, and has now said she won't stay single for long, as she intends to get married again.

Speaking to Dr. Mehmet Oz on his talk show on Wednesday (11.09.19) - a clip of which was obtained by Page Six - Wendy said: "I say this all the time ... I'm a wife. I'm not a girlfriend and I will get married again. There will be a prenuptial agreement, and by the way, Mehmet, we will not be living in the same house."

Wendy insisted her next marriage will be "under new circumstances", as she wants to keep living separately from her future spouse, whom she says must have "a full career and his own money".

She added: "Marriage under new circumstance, that's it. That freedom of turning that key, or electing like, 'All right. Let's stay at your place tonight. Let's stay at my place tonight ... But ... you buy the third place. How about that?' I need a man with a full career and his own money and his own situation. I don't want anything from you, except your love and respect. And don't ask anything of me."

Meanwhile, the 'Wendy Williams Show' host recently said she was seeing "many men" in the wake of her divorce.

She said: "I see many men. The youngest would be, like, 48. The oldest would be 65."

And the star previously admitted it was fathering a child with another woman that was the last straw for her in her split from Kevin.

She said: "Infidelity is one thing, a full baby is a whole other topic. It's now time for me to move on with my life ... I'm not changing Pampers, I want to be pampered! If we don't laugh, then we'll cry. So, I've learned how to, from my mother, how to make lemons into lemonade. What am I supposed to do? Stay in the house and cry all day?"

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