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Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews are 'best friends'

Vogue Williams claims the secret to her and her husband Spencer Matthews' happy marriage is the "fact" that they're "best friends" and are "pretty much the same person".

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews are 'best friends'


Vogue Williams believes the secret to her and Spencer Matthews' happy marriage is the "fact" that they're "best friends".

The 34-year-old Irish model and former 'Made In Chelsea' star Spencer, 31, have been married since June 2018 and as their relationship goes from strength-to-strength Vogue insists it is because they are "pretty much the same person" and simply love hanging out with each other.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she shared: "We just love spending time together, and if you're with someone that genuinely looks forward to coming down to seeing you every day and spending any spare time together, you're very lucky and you're already winning in the relationship. We just have a lot of fun. I think the fact that we're best friends, that we truly enjoy each other's company, is a big thing for us. We love doing the same things, everyone says we're pretty much the same person."

Vogue and Spencer have 17-month-old son Theodore together and she recently claimed she wanted to get pregnant and have another child before 2020 is up.

Although the former 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant is keen to increase their family, Vogue is not setting herself a time limit to conceive again.

Speaking about her future baby plans, she said: "Well, we're married so we're always trying! But we're not putting any pressure on ourselves because Theodore just turned 17 months old. He's at a nice little age now, but whatever will be will be. I can't tell when it's gonna happen but we definitely want more children for sure."

Away from babies, Vogue is turning her attention to rugby for the Six Nations tournament.

To celebrate the friendly rivalry that binds each nation together in the competition GUINNESS is inviting Irish fans to apply for an exclusive VIP experience on 22nd and 23rd February, hosted by formal model-turned-publican Jodie Kidd and Vogue.

The weekend will include travel and accommodation, dinner and breakfast with Jodie at her pub, The Half Moon, along with Vogue and entry to Twickenham Stadium to watch England vs Ireland live

Visit Guinness.com to enter the competition to be part of 'Jodie Kidd's Rugby Weekender Experience with Vogue Williams'.

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