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Vinnie Jones: I won't fall in love again

According to Vinnie Jones, he can't imagine falling in love ever again.

Vinnie Jones: I won't fall in love again


Vinnie Jones can't imagine falling in love ever again.

The 54-year-old actor lost his wife Tanya in July following a six-year battle with cancer, and Vinnie has confessed he can't ever envision himself getting married to anyone else.

He said: "She was the light of my life. I will never be with anyone else."

Speaking about the prospect of finding love with someone else, Vinnie - who married Tanya in 1994 - told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "She wouldn't give me her blessing to meet someone else - I just know her.

"I can't see it happening, I might have friends or whatever, I would be astonished if that happens. I think I've only got a little way to go until I'm with her, in the spectrum of the universe."

The former soccer star explained that he and Tanya shared "true love".

He said: "People say, how did it last? And I say because it was real, true love. I think we found true love."

Vinnie also revealed details of Tanya's passing, admitting it wasn't something he was truly prepared for - even though he knew it was inevitable.

He shared: "I kissed her a lot and told her I loved her. I kept saying: 'I love you, I love you.'

"It was all very peaceful, then her gasps got less and less and she went quiet. I looked at the nurse and said: 'Has she gone?' And that was it.

"It all happened so quickly, you are not prepared for it. So we sat there for an hour with her.

"We were completely numb. It was as though she was still sleeping. But she was gone. When she finally went it felt like Tinker Bell had released from her.

"It felt like her spirit was moving in the room. I got peace from that."

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