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Tove Lo: Quitting cigarettes helped career

Swedish pop star Tove Lo quit smoking and cut down on cannabis after a vocal cord operation in 2015, and she admits that and reducing her work schedule has "really helped" her singing career.

Tove Lo: Quitting cigarettes helped career


Tove Lo says quitting cigarettes and cutting down on cannabis has "really helped" her singing career.

The 31-year-old star underwent an operation on her vocal cords in 2015, after which she had to make numerous lifestyle changes following medical advice, including smoking weed less.

She told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "I needed to cut down. Of course I quit smoking cigarettes completely and stopped smoking weed as much.

"But my doctor was like, 'You can't have a schedule like this, you can't do 15 interviews then a show, or a show on the same day as flying.'

"I changed a few things and that's really helped."

Tove recently released her fourth studio album, 'Sunshine Kitty', and has now set her sights on penning the soundtrack to a "coming-of-age" drama movie, because, emotionally, she still feels like a teenager.

She added to the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "It would be so cool to write the music for a drama, with humour, like a coming-of-age story with dreams getting crushed and awkward love.

"Things that feel like, 'Ah we are all going to die now and the world is over' because you spilt a glass of milk over the person you're in love with kind of thing.

"I feel like your emotions are so intense at the time you are a teenager and then your emotions are supposed to calm down but they never did for me."

The Swedish pop star recently admitted she struggled being in the spotlight for many years.

She said: "I didn't feel at home in the life of being an artist.

"Being a person in the public eye, and being a person that someone has opinions about in general.

"Getting used to being away from my family and my friends and them being used to it, and being worried about my voice."

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