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Tori Spelling's mother doesn't want her to have more kids

Tori Spelling's mother Candy has confessed she doesn't want her daughter Tori Spelling to have another child.

Tori Spelling's mother doesn't want her to have more kids


Tori Spelling's mother Candy doesn't want her daughter to have more children.

The former 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star has made no secret of the fact she would love to have a sixth child with her husband Dean McDermott.

However, Candy, 73 - who is already grandmother to Liam, 11, Stella, 10, Hattie, 7, Finn, 6, and 12-month-old Beau - isn't keen on the idea of the couple's brood expanding.

She told HollywoodLife: "I just hope that she quits having kids, already.

Asked if she is trying for another baby, she replied: "She hasn't told me, but you know she's really considering it."

Although Candy doesn't want Tori to have another child, she is "so proud" of her well "behaved" brood.

She said: "But they are so cute and they are the best behaved children.

"I am always so proud when I go out for dinner with them. We go out every Sunday night as a family."

And the author - who is also grandmother to her son Randy's six-year-old daughter Lotus - heaped praise on Tori and Dean's parenting skills.

She said: "I don't know how she has made it happen, but I think it's because she does a lot with them and so does Dean.

"They are great parents, they are both very present all the time and it's the consistency and presence that makes all the difference."

Tori previously joked she is a fan of 'The Brady Bunch' and "even numbers", and that their family could grow in the future.

Speaking previously said: "I do like even numbers and I was always a big fan of The Brady Bunch.

"So three boys, three girls would be ideal. But we're blessed and you know, who knows?"

Although Tori wouldn't rule out more kids, she was quick to explain that they haven't planned any of her previous pregnancies, instead choosing to leave it to fate.

She added: "We're both believers, none of our kids are actually planned. So we're believers that they choose us and when the time is right, it's right. If not, we're definitely blessed."

Meanwhile, Tori previously admitted the only struggles she has with five children is when her house is too quiet.

She said: "The only time I put my hands up and say, 'I can't cope' is when it's too quiet.

"I grew up with just my brother in a very loving but quiet, structured home. I would look at other people and think, 'I wish I had a big family'. I would long for it. But now I've created my own. We have our own in-built parties and playdates."

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