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Tinashe is 'back and better' after going through some 'changes' creatively

Tinashe's music return looks imminent after she teased fans to let them know she has been hard at work on new music and is feeling "so inspired and free" creatively.

Tinashe is 'back and better' after going through some 'changes' creatively


Tinashe is "back and better" after taking more than a year away to work on new music.

The 'All My Friends' singer left RCA Records in February, following the much-delayed release of her second studio album 'Joyride', and after taking some time to herself she has been through "a lot of changes" and now feels "inspired and free" to make the music she wants to make.

In an video updating her fans posted on Instagram over the weekend, the 26-year-old star said: "I know that I have been quiet for a minute, I've been in my cave, I've been working ... but I am so inspired lately and feeling so free throughout the last year and a little bit more.

"I've been going through a lot of changes.

"Creatively, I just feel like I needed to go through what I went through in order to be the person that I am today and to get back to my roots.

"It's so f***ing crazy. You pretty much put your heart and soul and emotions into all these songs and then you put them out there for the world to judge and tear down and pick apart. It's terrifying and it can really mess with your head.

"You know, f*** the system. F*** anyone who tries to put you in a box and tries to limit you and tries to tell you that you can't be this and that, that you have to be this or that.

"Music and art are supposed to be these wonderful beautiful things that bring people joy and happiness, and that's really why I started making music in the first place - to give people something that means something to them.

So thank you for allowing me to do that.

"I love you, bye."

Tinashe captioned the post: "I'm back and I'm better."

The 'Slumber Party' hitmaker didn't say when fans can expect her hear the new music she has been hard at work on.

The R&B pop star's songs have been criticised in the past for being too much of one style, and she previously called for people to stop pigeonholing artists because no one should feel boxed into a corner creatively.

She said: "I think genres should just die.

"As a human being, you don't limit yourself to being one thing or other; I don't think people think of themselves in that way.

"It's the same for how I present my music, how I listen to music, how I dress, how I live my life. It's not black and white. Who you are is actually much more complex."

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