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Taraji P. Henson wants an exotic honeymoon

Taraji P. Henson wants to go "somewhere really exotic" for her honeymoon, and wants it to be somewhere she and her fiancé Kelvin Hayden have never been before.

Taraji P. Henson wants an exotic honeymoon


Taraji P. Henson wants to go "somewhere really exotic" for her honeymoon.

The 'Proud Mary' star is set to marry retired American footballer Kelvin Hayden on April 4, 2020, and has said that following her nuptials, she wants to head somewhere she's never been before.

She said: "[We're] looking for somewhere really exotic. He travels a lot and so do I. We are looking for a place that neither of us have been."

Taraji then said they might end up in Italy, and joked she might even "be Italian", because she's obsessed with wine and pasta.

She added: "I think I might be Italian. No seriously. I love wine, I love pasta and I love a good siesta - that's the time when you drink all your wine."

The 'Empire' star and her fiancé are planning on marrying in wine country next year, as Taraji says that's where they "fell in love".

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she said: "That is where he said he fell in love with me. We both went to the wine country and it was our first time together at the same time. He had never been, I had never been, and I did feel him fall in love.

"I was like, 'GOT HIM'. Ladies, if you want him to pop the question, take him to the wine country."

Taraji - who has son Marcell Johnson, 25, with late high school sweetheart William Johnson - recently confirmed her wedding date, and said she plans on tying the knot in a dress designed by Vera Wang.

She said: "Vera Wang is definitely making my dress.

"The wedding is 4/4/20, I leaked it.

"We haven't pinpointed the silhouette yet."

And the 'Hidden Figures' actress also recently said she isn't interested in having a bridal shower, and wants her ceremony to be an intimate affair with just their closest loved ones there to witness their vows.

She explained: "I told my wedding planner make it pretty, fun, make sure the food is good and a bomb DJ.

"No bridal party, I'm not a bridezilla ... please, I just want to say my vows in front of the people that I love. Eat good food and have fun. That's it!"

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