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Tara Reid ready for kids

'Sharknado' actress Tara Reid admits she's been thinking about having children and admits she would love to be a mother.

Tara Reid ready for kids


Tara Reid wants to have children.

The 'Sharknado' actress - who has been engaged three times in the past - is believed to be dating businessman Ted Dhanik, and though she is reluctant to talk about her relationship, she's very happy and looking forward to the future.

Speaking to Closer magazine, she said: "I'm in a good place at the moment. I'm happy because of the balance in my life ... Everything that I've wanted is coming to me and it's a good feeling.

"My career is picking up again and I'm really busy, but I do see marriage happening in the future for me. And I think about kids for sure - all my friends who have kids say it's the greatest thing, so I'd like to one day."

The 42-year-old actress used to be known for her wild partying and she admits she has made some bad choices and wishes she'd done things differently.

She said: "I would do a lot of stuff differently. I wouldn't have gone out so much and been so crazy. When I started out, I wasn't aware I would lose all my privacy, so I was doing everything that your average 21 year old does, but it was there for everyone to see. I should have made wiser choices about where to go and what to do, because that kind of all caught up on me and it changed everything."

The 'American Pie' actress' figure has always been of great interest to people but although she is very slim she insists she eats a lot and wishes people would stop scrutinising her diet.

She said: "It's annoying. It's so bad that when I'm out to lunch people will even try to take pictures of me eating. My friends find it more ridiculous than anyone because they'll tell you I eat a lot and just have a really fast metabolism. People make fun of me and say, 'Eat a burger,' but I'm like, 'Dude, I had two today.'

"If I didn't eat, I wouldn't have lived to be 42 years old and I would have died years ago - so everyone needs to get over it."



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