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Tara Reid enjoying 'older' roles

Tara Reid is thankful she's "finally" being offered "older roles" after previously finding herself "stuck" in her career.

Tara Reid enjoying 'older' roles


Tara Reid is thankful she's "finally" being offered "older roles".

The 43-year-old actress found herself in a position where she was "stuck" because she wasn't young enough to take on the parts she'd previously been known for but filmmakers didn't see her as right for 'mom' roles.

But the 'Sharknado' star is now working on five new movies and is thankful to be enjoying a career resurgence.

She said: "I have a load of new projects in the pipeline. One with Sandra Bullock that's going to be big and a Netflix movie coming out called 'The Fifth Boro'.

"I'm finally getting to play older roles and that's what I needed because I was kind of stuck. I looked too young to play the 'mom' yet I was too old for a 'high school girl'.

"Everyone saw me as the girl from 'American Pie' but that was in my 20s and I'm in my 40s now. I'm grateful I had that moment but now I'm getting the chance to show another side of me.

"And now I have a great team behind me, I couldn't have planned better things. It's my time again and no one is taking it away from me."

Tara went to rehab for alcohol abuse in 2008 but is unimpressed by comparisons to her former party-loving pal Lindsay Lohan.

She said: "Lindsay was way younger than me, like 13 years younger.

"She was arrested and got into trouble on set. I've never been arrested, never been in trouble on set.

"When you're off work, you're allowed to play, you're allowed to have fun. But when I work, I work and I don't go out."



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