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Suki Waterhouse: If I was mayor I'd create naked day

Suki Waterhouse would have a "naked day" is she was mayor for the day.

Suki Waterhouse: If I was mayor I'd create naked day


Suki Waterhouse wishes everyone had to be naked for a day.

The 26-year-old model-turned-actress - who is dating Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson - thinks having to flash the flesh would make people less embarrassed about their bodies, which in turn would curb the discomfort of having to have intimate tests and checks to catch cancer early.

Asked what she'd do if she was mayor of London by the Evening Standard newspaper, Suki said: "I'd have a naked day. So we could all feel less embarrassed about our bodies.

"If we felt less embarrassed maybe people would be more okay about getting smear tests and checking for testicular cancer. Could save lives!"

The blonde beauty is currently living with her parents while renovations are being completed in her home, however, the model thinks that they are eager for her to leave.

She added: "I'm living with my parents in west London at the moment while doing some renovations and I'm pretty sure they can't wait for me to leave."

Although Suki does have her own home, she's got far grander ideas for her dream abode.

Opening up about her favourite building in the capital, she said: "[I'd own] The V&A, so I could be around all the marble sculptures from antiquity. I'd have to get some good carpets and a fireplace to warm the place up a bit."

Suki also confessed that she has a terrifying run-in with a policeman when she was trying to recreate a film from the Julia Roberts movie 'Notting Hill'.

She said: "Oh God, my friend and I jumped over a fence in a garden allotment like they did in 'Notting Hill'... and when we left a police car arrived and we were told off. I nearly peed myself with terror."

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