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The Strokes have finished their new album

The Strokes' guitarist Nick Valensi has confirmed the band have finished their first album in six years.

The Strokes have finished their new album


The Strokes have finished their new album.

Fans have been eagerly-awaiting a release date for their first studio effort since 2013's 'Comedown Machine', and whilst there is still no indication of when the record will arrive, guitarist Nick Valensi has finally revealed they've completed the recording process.

In an interview on Q104.3's Out of the Box radio show, the DJ asked the musician whether it was true that they were currently in the mixing stage with the LP, and he replied: "Who told you that?"

After being told he got the insider information from a "reliable source", Nick confirmed: "Well, it must be true then."

However, when asked when fans can expect the record, he replied: "When, I don't know. If - I would say, a strong likelihood."

In July 2017, the New York rockers shut down rumours they'd been working on new material.

The 'You Only Live Once' hitmakers' fans couldn't contain their excitement when band member Albert Hammond Jr.'s father revealed the group had been back in the studio recording their sixth studio album with producer Rick Rubin.

But they then took to Twitter to quash the buzz and insisted a new LP is "years away, if at all".

Albert wrote on the micro-blogging app: "Sorry everyone we are not in the studio recording

"Forgive Albert Sr he got prematurely excited. A lot of unknowns and nothing worth speaking about at this time.

"We met and played a few music ideas for Rick to feel out a vibe but even a theoretical album plan would be years away, if at all. (sic)"

Albert Hammond Sr. claimed the group - also made up of Julian Casablancas, Nikolai Fraiture and Fabrizio Moretti - were "so happy" recording a follow up to 'Comedown Machine'.

He said: "They're making a new album now with a great producer called Rick Rubin. I speak to my son every day and he says that they're so happy."

The band treated fans to new single 'The Adults Are Talking' in May.

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