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Stacey Solomon's complicated schedule

Stacey Solomon has admitted she can find life "complicated" having three children with different fathers.

Stacey Solomon's complicated schedule


Stacey Solomon finds life "complicated" having three children with different fathers.

The 29-year-old presenter - who has Zachary, 11, with ex-boyfriend Dean Cox, Leighton, seven, with former fiancé Aaron Barnham, and Rex, five months, with partner Joe Swash - is "so glad" she didn't stay in relationships she wasn't happy in but admitted life isn't "straightforward" because of the complicated family make-up.

She told Closer magazine: "Life is so much more complicated with kids from different dads, for sure.

"There are definitely dynamics I've had to work around, and it's not as straightforward as a conventional family.

"But it's wonderful at the same time - I'm so glad that I moved forward from those relationships because it wouldn't have been right to stay in them."

And the 'Loose Women' star is glad she's had more than one child.

She said: "I've been brave enough to have more children because that's something I've always really wanted and something that has enhanced my life.

"I think conversations need to be had to stop it being such a big taboo."

Stacey already feels "married" to Joe but they are in no rush to tie the knot.

She said: "I have this weird dream of getting married, with the dress and confetti flying everywhere.

"But Joe and I have spoken about marriage, and we're both a bit like, 'meh'.

"We have a child together and we live together, and I'm in love.

"I feel like we're married anyway and we'd rather pay the mortgage first."

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