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Sir Tom Jones makes 'strong' return to stage

Sir Tom Jones said he was feeling "strong" during his stage return at Chester Racecourse over the weekend, following his hospitalisation for a bacterial infection last month.

Sir Tom Jones makes 'strong' return to stage


Sir Tom Jones told the crowd he was feeling "strong" as he returned to the stage after recently battling a bacterial infection.

The 'Not Unusual' hitmaker was on fine form as he performed at Chester Racecourse in North West England, on Sunday (14.08.18), following his hospitalisation last month.

He said on stage: "We finally made it. Or I finally made it.

"We tried once before and we did not make it but we are here now. Strong.

"We have had a ball up here tonight and we hope you have too."

The 'Voice UK' judge took to Twitter later today (14.08.18) to thank his fans for coming down and said he had a "wonderful time" on stage.

He wrote: "Many thanks to all who came out for our show this summer. We all had a wonderful time onstage, sharing great music, fantastic vibes, enjoying the long summer glow. Apologies again for the shows that didn't happen, but hope to see you all soon next time, next place. Lots of love. (sic)"

The 78-year-old music veteran was left "devastated" having to pull out of a string of concerts.

However, his condition was being "well managed" by medical professionals and he was believed to have been in "good spirits", despite being poorly.

A statement on his behalf said at the time: "Sir Tom has a bacterial infection for which he is being treated in hospital.

"The condition is being well managed and under doctors' orders, appropriate recovery time and rest is advised.

"Sir Tom is in good spirits and wants to extend both his heartfelt appreciation and his sincere apologies to all who planned to attend the shows, as well as those involved in the events."

Last September, the 'Sex Bomb' hitmaker was forced to scrap his US tour - just five days before it was scheduled to kick off - due to ill health.

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