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Simon Cowell would bid for talent show success with son and dogs

Simon Cowell would enter one of his talent shows with his son and their two pet dogs - but thinks their act would be a "disaster".

Simon Cowell would bid for talent show success with son and dogs


Simon Cowell would be "happy" to enter a TV talent show with his son and their dogs - even though it would be a "disaster".

The 59-year-old star - who has four-year-old Eric with partner Lauren Silverman - has seen hundreds of different acts bid for success in his role as a judge on the likes of 'America's Got Talent' and 'Britain's Got Talent' and he knows how he'd try and impress the panel if he was forced to get on stage with his little boy.

He told People magazine: "We'd either do a swinging balancing trick or try out and train our dogs who are the worst behaved dogs in the world.

"Probably the latter and it would be a disaster but I would be happy to do that."

Simon - who has three Yorkshire terriers named Squidly, Diddly, and Freddy - admitted his stance as a judge has changed since he became a father, especially when it comes to the younger hopefuls.

He explained: "Now Eric is older, he's nearly five. I can see the show through his eyes. It's very interesting sometimes I can notice with the show when he switches on and off, so that's a huge help.

"Because I have Eric now, I look at the younger contestants in a very different light, thinking, 'Oh God what if that was him?' "

The music mogul is fascinated by the way the 'Got Talent' shows have changed young people's ambitions.

He said: "What's so interesting, I've been saying for the past three or four years, a lot of kids who years ago wanted to be a singer, now want to be a comedian, magician, dancer or acrobat.

"So in that way, it's changed people's aspirations about fame is all about and how talented you have to be and the time you have to put in."

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