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Sienna Miller's ex stays over

Sienna Miller doesn't have a "conventional" relationship with her former partner Tom Sturridge and he still stays at her house.

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Sienna Miller's ex stays over


Sienna Miller's former partner Tom Sturridge still stays at her house.

The 'American Woman' star admitted she and the 33-year-old actor - who split in 2015 after four years together - don't have a "conventional" relationship and there's no formal agreement in place relating to custody of their seven-year-old daughter Marlowe.

She said: "He's at the house and he's going to stay there tonight. It's not like there's a structure for custody. We make it work. It's not conventional."

Before she dated Tom, Sienna was in a relationship with Jude Law but she thinks their romance was "bad timing" because it overshadowed her efforts to launch her acting career.

She told the November issue of Britain's Elle magazine: "I fell in love with someone very famous and that became the story - it was bad timing. I had an amazing time, but it would have been nice if that hadn't happened before I was known for something else. It was a battle to be seen as something else."

Although Sienna has had some "extremely fun and exciting" times since becoming famous, she doesn't like living her life in the spotlight because it has just been "way too intense" and she doesn't think the sacrifices it's required have been "worth" it.

She said: "There are always good and bad elements to fame. It would be ridiculous to say that it's not beneficial...It was extremely fun and exciting. I've met Keith Richards and Mick Jagger!

"I've had experiences I couldn't dream of. But the experience that I had with it? It's not worth it for me. It was way too intense."

Read the full interview with Sienna in the new issue of Elle UK, which is on sale on Thursday (03.10.19). For more from the actress, visit

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