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The Sherlocks tease mini greatest hits secret sets at Reading and Leeds

The Sherlocks have teased they are planning to play a mini greatest hits style set for their secret sets at Reading and Leeds this weekend.

The Sherlocks tease mini greatest hits secret sets at Reading and Leeds


The Sherlocks have mini "greatest hits" Reading and Leeds secret sets planned.

The British rockers - comprised of brothers Kiaran and Brandon Crook and Andy and Josh Davidson - found out about their surprise appearance on the Festival Republic Stage at both events on Friday (23.08.19) and Saturday (24.08.19) with just two days to go, and frontman Kiaran has admitted they have been trying to figure out the setlist and felt the easiest way was to throw in the singles from their debut album 'Live for the Moment' and upcoming second LP 'Under Your Sky' and maybe a cover.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "We can't wait.

"It's a bit different doing it this year as a secret set.

"It was just dropped on us with just two days notice.

"The setlist is allocated pretty short so it will be like a greatest hits set for us.

"You never really know with us, we might throw in a random cover - but you'll have to see."

After a summer of festivals, the band will head out on their own headline tour and October 12 will see the four-piece play alongside Miles Kane at Neighbourhood Festival in Manchester.

The band will have plenty of new material to share with fans, as 'Under Your Sky' is released on October 4.

Meanwhile, Kiaran admitted that they didn't really get starstruck around Liam Gallagher - who they supported on his European tour last year - because he's just a "northerner like them" and they just went down to the pub with him after their show in Amsterdam like mates.

The 'Chasing Shadows' rockers found it more surreal meeting Kings of Leon who they've also opened for.

When asked if the former Oasis star had any words of advice for them, Kiaran said: "Liam didn't give us any particular advice, he just told us to not take ourselves too seriously and to enjoy it."

The Sherlocks play the Festival Republic Stage at Reading and Leeds at 5pm.

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