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Shay Mitchell craving gherkins and peanut butter mix

Shay Mitchell has been craving gherkins dipped in peanut butter throughout her pregnancy.

Shay Mitchell craving gherkins and peanut butter mix


Shay Mitchell has been craving gherkins dipped in peanut butter.

The 32-year-old actress - who is heavily pregnant with her first child - is obsessed with the bizarre sweet and savoury snack, so much so that she even tried to encourage her colleagues to try the odd combination.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, she held out a plateful of the snacks: "I'm making everyone try pickles and peanut butter. Oh you're going in for seconds. It's salty and sweet. It's not bad. See, it's healthy. It's Keto... Atkins, I don't know."

The 'Pretty Little Liars' star has kept fans up to date with her pregnancy thus far and her partner Matte Babel revealed their baby girl is due in early October.

Speaking in a live Q&A recently, the couple were asked when the baby was due, and Matte replied: "Early October is when she's due."

Shay then piped in: "Matte is so set on her coming out and being a Libra."

Explaining his reasoning on their YouTube channel, he added: "Yeah, I want her to be a Libra. 'Cause then, while I'm outnumbered by gender, we're similar in terms of personalities."

Shay announced she was expecting her first child in a sweet post on Instagram and a lengthy YouTube video, explaining why she chose to keep it a secret until she was more than six months into her pregnancy.

Revealing it had been "hard" to keep her pregnancy a secret, she said: "When you're in the public eye, there are some things you want to just keep a secret until you feel ready. This, for me, has been the hardest. It's going to be really fun and awesome when I'm not trying to hide it anymore. I didn't want to come out on social media so early on. I'm going to be so happy when this comes out. I can be pregnant, like not suck my stomach in."

Matte had previously confessed he had been left in "awe" of the way Shay had handled her pregnancy with "strength, vulnerability and grace".

He said on Instagram: "Watching the both of you grow over the past 6 months has been the most beautiful thing in the world. The strength, vulnerability and grace you've had during this pregnancy has left me in awe, you're going to be an incredible mom ... We're lucky to have you, love you."

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