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Shakespears Sister won't rule out new album

'Stay' hitmakers Shakespears Sister aren't ruling out the possibility of a new album after releasing their latest EP 'Ride Again'.

Shakespears Sister won't rule out new album


Shakespears Sister aren't ruling out the possibility of a new album.

The pop duo - made up of former Bananarama star Siobhan Fahey and US musician Marcella Detroit - didn't speak for 26 years, but after mending their relationship the pair are leaving things open after releasing new Ep 'Ride Again'.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Marcella said: "We will see what happens. We've just got the EP, Ride Again, now and that wasn't planned. There wasn't really time to do an entire album."

The 'Stay' hitmakers decided to head to Josha Tree National Park in California after reconnecting, and decided to lock themselves away and write for four days.

Siobhan revealed: "In those four days we wrote 'All The Queen's Horses', our first song in 27 years. OK, game on! This is magic. Then we wrote 'C U Next Tuesday', which I Iove as well.

"It was like the air was pregnant and it literally gave birth. Marcy is an incredible musician and can play with any crazy idea that I might come up with - anything from funk and soul to country. Or garage rock or whatever."

Earlier this year, the two stars explained what was really happening behind the scenes and how all these years later, they discovered that their friendship broke down because of "miscommunications" from the people around them which they both misinterpreted and led to a "fraught atmosphere" in their final days as a duo in early 90s.

Siobhan previously said: "The s**t around us got in the way of our friendship and then the mutual paranoia built up. The environment around us . . . there were certain personages who were divisive.

"There were a couple of incidents. I think in the past few months of our touring I was counting down the days because it was so difficult.

"The atmosphere was so fraught, we weren't speaking. It was no fun."



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