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Selena Gomez 'blessed' to be born in America

Selena Gomez feels "blessed" to have been born in the US and will always be grateful for the "bravery and sacrifice" of her Mexican relatives.

Selena Gomez 'blessed' to be born in America


Selena Gomez feels "blessed" to have been born in the US.

The 27-year-old star admitted she regularly thinks about undocumented immigration "every day" because of the way many of her own family members travelled from Mexico to America and will always be grateful for their "bravery and sacrifice".

In an essay for TIME magazine, she wrote: "In the 1970s, my aunt crossed the border from Mexico to the United States hidden in the back of a truck. My grandparents followed, and my father was born in Texas soon after.

"In 1992, I was born a U.S. citizen thanks to their bravery and sacrifice.

"Over the past four decades, members of my family have worked hard to gain United States citizenship. Undocumented immigration is an issue I think about every day, and I never forget how blessed I am to have been born in this country thanks to my family and the grace of circumstance."

Selena has executive produced a new docuseries for Netflix, 'Living Undocumented', and she admitted watching the footage of the people featured in the programme brought her to tears with the spectrum of emotions it showed.

She said: "I watched footage outlining their deeply personal journeys and I cried. It captured the shame, uncertainty, and fear I saw my own family struggle with. But it also captured the hope, optimism, and patriotism so many undocumented immigrants still hold in their hearts despite the hell they go through."

The 'Wolves' singer has vowed to use her position in the public eye to speak up for undocumented immigrants and urged others not to be put off helping out of "fear".

She wrote: "I'm concerned about the way people are being treated in my country. As a Mexican-American woman I feel a responsibility to use my platform to be a voice for people who are too afraid to speak...

"When I signed on to executive produce a show about undocumented immigrants, I couldn't help but anticipate the criticisms I might face. But the truth is, the worst criticism I can imagine is still nothing compared to what undocumented immigrants face every day.

"Fear shouldn't stop us from getting involved and educating ourselves on an issue that affects millions of people in our country. Fear didn't stop my aunt from getting into the back of that truck. And for that, I will always be grateful."

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