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SEA STARS: The hottest onscreen beach babes

Blake Lively is the latest seaside screen siren to sizzle in survivor flick ‘The Shallows’

SEA STARS: The hottest onscreen beach babes

Being stranded on a rock out at sea just 200 yards from shore doesn’t sound like such a bad thing – unless there is a hungry great white shark patrolling the waters between you and safe, dry land.

This is the harrowing situation Nancy (Blake Lively) finds herself in when she goes surfing on a secret beach in upcoming survival thriller film The Shallows. With only limited resources and her own ingenuity at hand, she must overcome her fear and make do with what she has – and doesn’t have – to get out of this fishy mess alive…or become a marine predator’s dinner.

“It’s about the power to survive, the power of will. When I read the script, I imagined, ‘What would I do in that situation?’ The way Nancy fights to survive is pretty incredible,” said Blake.

While the 28-year-old actress obviously did not need to face off against any real sharks (it was digitally created), she had a completely different set of challenges: getting in tip-top surfer shape just 10 months after giving birth to her first child.

Although Blake left the real wave-riding action to her surfing double, she took on a few lessons and did most of her other heavy stunts until the last two weeks of the shoot. Before that, her trainer intensified her workout sessions and made sure she ate well-balanced meals. The discipline certainly paid off, and the hot mama was able to arrive on set with a fit and fab bikini body, and all ready to deliver a performance that received rave reviews from critics upon the film’s release in the U.S.

Blake certainly makes a very deserving addition to a list of beach babes who sizzled on screen. Click through for more:

The Shallows is in cinemas August 11, with sneak previews from August 8-10. Watch the teaser trailer here.

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