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Sam Smith used to 'hide away' Oscar

Sam Smith used to "hide away" his Oscar because it made him "uncomfortable".

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Sam Smith used to 'hide away' Oscar


Sam Smith used to "hide away" his Oscar because it made him "uncomfortable".

The 26-year-old singer won an Academy Award for the best song in 2016 for his track 'Writing's On The Wall', which was the theme for the James Bond film, 'Spectre', and it became the first Bond theme to reach No 1 in the UK pop charts in October 2015.

However, it's only now Sam has started to "embrace" the highly-coveted gong and has finally put it on display for others to see.

Speaking to Will Manning on The Official Big Top 40, about his prestigious award, Smith said: "I used to hide it away and not look at it because it made me uncomfortable but now I've got it out and I'm trying to embrace it."

The 'Dancing With A Stranger' hitmaker initially found it very "exciting" being asked to record a song for the iconic movie franchise but it then became an "unbelievably stressful" experience because everyone has their own expectations of what makes a great Bond theme.

He said: "It's very exciting when it happens and you get the call and then the song's done. But after you release it, there's not one person that's ever released a Bond song that has got all positive feedback.

"It's so brutal actually in terms of releasing music, you know, because not everyone's going to be happy because everyone's got, in their head, what is a Bond song.

"But do you know what, in terms of experiences, I'm so, so honoured to have done it and I still love it and I love singing it and yeah, it's a beautiful part of me now - I love it."

Sam also revealed that he would like to hang his mic up in the future and instead "open a flower shop" to lead a quiet life.

Asked about his previous comments about retiring when he's 30, he said: "I've said that in the past but I'm definitely not. I'll carry on. But when I'm, I think 45, I'd like to have kids and just move away and open up a flower shop somewhere and pretend like it all didn't happen."

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