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Sadie Frost and boyfriend lead separate lives

Sadie Frost says says her and her boyfriend Darren Strowger lead separate lives but they are happy because they have their own children and own careers.

Sadie Frost and boyfriend lead separate lives


Sadie Frost and her boyfriend live separate lives.

The 53-year-old producer-and-actress - who has Finlay, 28, with first husband Gary Kemp, and Rafferty, 22, Iris, 18, and Rudy, 16, with second spouse Jude Law - has been dating Darren Strowger for six years but they aren't interested in living together as they prefer to spend a lot of time apart.

She told The Times newspaper: "We don't even live together. He's got his kids and I've got mine; he's got his career and I've got mine.

"We get a lot done and then we see each other. I never realised that's what I would prefer or want, but it has worked."

The 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' actress is ready for her children to leave home so she can have her "midlife crisis" and go travelling without her brood.

She said: "You know what? I'm ready for [them leaving home]. I love being a mum, but by the time Rudy leaves, I'll have been worrying about domestic stuff for over 30 years and it will be my time.

"So it means I need to have my midlife-crisis sabbatical, travel with a rucksack on my own, soon. Because then it'll be the wedding and then there'll be grandchildren."

Sadie produced 'Two for Joy' - a film about a grieving widowed mother (Samantha Morton) - and revealed seeing her father, David Vaughan, struggle with his own mental health made her want to "tell the stories" of unheard people.

She said: "I've always been compassionate, it's from being a vegetarian all my life, from seeing my father's mental-health issues, and I want to tell the stories of people who don't have a voice."

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