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Rumer Willis 'so proud' of mum Demi Moore for showing 'vulnerability' in memoir

Rumer Willis has spoken out after her mum released her candid new tome 'Inside Out' and praised her for showing her "vulnerability" but showing you don't have to be the "victim".

Rumer Willis 'so proud' of mum Demi Moore for showing 'vulnerability' in memoir


Rumer Willis is "so proud" of her mum Demi Moore for showing her "vulnerability" in her memoir 'Inside Out'.

The 'Ghost' actress bravely shares her rape story, talks at length about her difficult childhood, which saw her parents battle alcoholism and raise her in an environment that was willed with infidelity and fights, and more in the recently released tome.

Demi has also battled drug and alcohol addiction herself, as has her daughter Rumer, 31, who has praised her mum for showing other women that you can be a "strong survivor" no matter what you go through.

Whilst taking on hosting duties on US show 'The Talk' on Monday (01.10.19), Rumer said: "I'm so proud of her vulnerability, and I think so many women have watched her, and just as her daughters watch her, as this beacon of strength and this kind of leader.

"And I think, what I really respect about her is that she is never the victim in her stories.

"She takes accountability. She takes responsibility, and mind you, this is her perspective, her story, and she's the first one to say that.

"But she's allowing herself to show everyone that you can go through some really difficult, hard things, and you can still be someone who is thriving and taking accountability and just being a strong survivor."

In the memoir, Demi - who has Rumer, Scout, 28, and Tallulah, 25, with ex-husband Bruce Willis - recalls being 12 years old when her mother first tried to take her own life, and how she saved her by using her fingers to dig the pills her mother had swallowed out of her mouth.

She said: "[My childhood] was done. [It was a] life-changing moment."

Within the pages, the 56-year-old actress discusses their eight-year marriage and divorce with Ashton Kutcher in 2013, revealing that they had two threesomes during the relationship, whilst she also accused him of cheating twice.

The 'G.I. Jane' star also claims that their marriage hit the rocks after she suffered a miscarriage when she was pregnant with a baby girl and she then began using Vicodin and alcohol to cope with the loss and the failure of multiple fertility treatments.

Demi alleged her late mother allowed her to be raped in exchange for $500 when she was 15 whilst promoting 'Inside Out'.

Speaking to Diane Sawyer for 'Good Morning America' recently, the Hollywood star claimed her alleged rapist asked her at the time: "How does it feel to be wh**ed by your mother for $500?"

But Demi doesn't believe her mother - who passed away in 1998 - "sold" her, as she says she doesn't think the alleged incident was a "straightforward transaction".

When Diane asked her if she thinks her mom sold her, she said: "No. "In my deep heart, I don't think it was a straightforward transaction. But she still did give him the access and put me in harms way."

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