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Rudimental's really important track

Rudimental's track 'These Days' is "really important" to them, because it marks the "the biggest song" of their career so far.

Rudimental's really important track


Rudimental's track 'These Days' is "really important" to them.

The drum and bass band - made up of Piers Aggett, Amir Amor, Kesi Dryden, and DJ Locksmith - released the track with Jess Glynne, Macklemore, and Dan Caplen in January 2018 before putting it on their recently released album 'Toast to our Differences', and have now said the track holds a special place in their hearts for becoming "the biggest song" of their career so far.

Speaking as they dissected each song on their new album during an interview with Billboard Dance, they said: "This track actually started with our mate Dan Caplen. He came to us with this amazing idea, and we loved the sentiment of the song. We ended up asking Jess to sing it and then called up Macklemore after meeting him a few times. The song is really important to us. It actually ended up being our third number one single and the biggest Rudimental song of our career."

The group also worked with Jess on 'Dark Clouds', which they say they actually penned with the singer "a couple of years ago", but didn't have a chance to use it until the release of their third studio album.

They said: "'Dark Clouds' is actually one the older tunes on this record. We wrote it with Jess a couple years ago. We produced it up and gave it more of a jungle feel, then got Chronnix to record a verse on it when we were out writing in Jamaica. He's such a talent. It's one of those more underground tracks but also has elements of soul and funk in it. Jess's vocals are amazing on it too."

And speaking about "classic Rudimental track" 'Summer Love' - which features Rita Ora - the band said it creates a "real moment" when they play it live for fans.

They said: "We wrote this song with Rita in Los Angeles. The sentiment behind this tune is about a relationship you have on holiday and reflecting on it. It's one of the more classic Rudimental tracks on the album and is a real moment when we play it on stage. Rita sounds amazing on it, too."

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