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Rose McGowan says sorry to transgender community

Rose McGowan insisted she is "profoundly sorry" for the controversial comments about the transgender community she made last year.

Rose McGowan says sorry to transgender community


Rose McGowan has apologised to the transgender community.

The actress has insisted she is "profoundly sorry" for the controversial comments she made last year which suggested a transgender woman could not relate to the experience of a cisgender woman.

The 45-year-old star confessed that having your identity as a transgender person "ripped away" is "heartbreaking" and admitted that although she did not use the "correct language", she has since educated herself on the correct "terminology".

In an interview with Pink News, she said: "I would like to say I'm sorry, I didn't have the correct language. I am, you know, an older woman from Hollywood.

"It's not exactly the place for understanding the language. It's just been a learning process and evolution, I'm here to say to people that are scared of trans-ness, we're all women, we're just different kinds of women and different kinds of men.

"There's a huge spectrum to be had in that. And I think that's a really beautiful thing. To have that ripped away is really, really heartbreaking and something that I am profoundly sorry for.

"I really do understand a lot more about the terminology, the struggle and have a lot more respect for it. And I think that's important."

The former 'Charmed' star is currently dating non-binary model Rain Dove, and went on to speak about trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERF), whose main aim is to oppose the inclusion of trans women in female spaces and organisations.

She explained: "I really, honestly thought TERFs were made up.

"I didn't think they actually existed. I thought they can't be real. And it's shocking to me because it's so ... I mean, don't you realise what you fought for? You know as women, cis women, don't you know what you fought for?

"We fought for the right to have a voice and to be counted and that fight is not so different, you know, fundamentally, at its core."

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