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Roman Polanski's female first in new movie

Roman Polanski admitted he was "interested" in the conflict between women in his latest drama 'Base on a True Story' because it was something he hadn't ever done before in a movie.

Roman Polanski's female first in new movie


Roman Polanski was interested in exploring conflict between two women for the first time in his new movie 'Based on a True Story'.

The 84-year-old filmmaker's latest drama looks at the relationship between two ladies, and the director found it particularly intriguing to overview because it was something he hadn't done before.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said: "To make a film with two women, I've never done that.

"I don't mean just two women on the set, but a conflict between them. All my films have conflict between men or between men and a woman.

"But two females, no. So that was one of the things that really interested me. Between men, conflict is more in the open, you know?

"With women it is hidden. They are more perfidious than the men, in general. In the film, in this story, the real confrontation comes very late.

"With two men, it would come right after the beginning of the relationship."

'Based on a True Story' focuses on writer Delphine (Emmanuelle Seigner) who dedicated her first novel to her mother but she soon starts receiving anonymous letters accusing her of exposing her family.

Suffering from depression and writer's block, Delphine begins a romance with another woman, Elle, (Eva Green) who seems to understand the writer better than anyone else.

The French drama movie was released earlier this year.



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