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Robin Thicke will rebuild house

Robin Thicke is planning to rebuild the house he lost in the California wildfires.

Robin Thicke will rebuild house


Robin Thicke is planning to rebuild his house in Malibu.

The 'Blurred Lines' hitmaker - who has son Julian, eight, with ex-wife Paula Patton and 11-month-old daughter Mia with pregnant fiancee April Love Geary - lost his home in the devastating California wildfires that swept the state last year, but he's not planning to move away somewhere else.

Asked if he'll rebuild his house, he said: "We lost our house, we're renting in Malibu [at the moment], my son goes to school there.

"[Yes we'll rebuild], we love it out there. So we're there for the long run."

Robin was devastated when his father Alan Thicke passed away in December 2016 but joked he'd been trying to "fill the void" left by the 'Growing Pains' actor's absence by adding to his own family.

He told 'Extra': "Losing my father was the most difficult time of my life. I've been trying to fill the void with babies, I think. Just keep having babies until I don't miss him so much...

"We have a little one coming in about a month so a lot going on.

"It's my karma that I gotta raise girls! No, I love being a father. And I'm all for it."

The 'Testify' singer recently admitted his father's death caught him to rewrite an entire album.

He said: "Well, it's funny - my father passed away a couple of years ago and I thought I had an album and these songs that I wanted to put out. Then when that happened, it was something I wasn't expecting and it just rattled my soul. So, I took some time to re-think the album and then these songs started pouring out that had more meaning and more weight to them."

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