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Robbie Williams teams up with Tyson Fury on Christmas record

Robbie Williams has enlisted the likes of Tyson Fury, Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams to appear on his upcoming Christmas album.

Robbie Williams teams up with Tyson Fury on Christmas record


Robbie Williams has teamed up with Tyson Fury for a new Christmas song.

The 45-year-old singer asked the 31-year-old boxer to sing on 'Bad Sharon', a song about a "boozy office party", which is taken from his upcoming festive album 'The Christmas Present', and he thinks the heavyweight has "smashed it" in the recording studio.

Robbie said of the track: "That makes sense in some sort of universe! I got my residency in Vegas and while I was out there Tyson was fighting and he invited me into his dressing room, is it called a dressing room when you fight? I don't know.

"And I asked him and he said yes and the song itself, 'Bad Sharon', is basically a boozy office party somewhere in the Midlands and it makes sense for Tyson, in that moment in my head, and to be fair he's smashed it."

Robbie was also delighted to have both Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart record songs for the album because they have always been inspirations to him.

He said of the pair: "People that I know, people that I like and people that I've got captive audience with that can't say no in that moment when you ask them to do it. It's easier on emails to say no.

"That was like two years ago and they'd forgotten but I hadn't...' me again'.They're both really lovely chaps, incredibly nice people, incredibly nice with me and I look up to them and they're the people I've gone, 'Right OK, what happens to your career when you get older, where do you go? How do you do it?' And I watch them for inspiration."

The 'Angels' singer - who will perform a festive show at the SSE Arena, Wembley, in support of the record on 16 December - is also "incredibly proud" that his dad, Pete Conway, has joined him on other song.

Speaking at a playback event for the record in London on Thursday (17.10.19), he said: "My dad's on a track called 'A Wonderful Life' and it's written and created in Stoke-on-Trent.

"I'm happy and incredibly proud that a lot of this album has come out of the five towns and there are two boys singing it from the five towns, me and my dad and he absolutely kills it."



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