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Robbie Williams calls Ayda Field's boobs 'Picasso t*ts'

Ayda Field has shared how her husband Robbie Williams jokingly labelled her boobs "Picasso t*ts" when she was breastfeeding.

Robbie Williams calls Ayda Field's boobs 'Picasso t*ts'


Robbie Williams nicknamed his wife Ayda Field's breasts "Picasso t*ts".

The 'Feel' hitmaker's spouse was not impressed when the 44-year-old pop star - with whom she has newborn daughter Coco, Teddy, six, and son Charlton, three - jokingly told her he feels her bosoms have a resemblance to the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso's cubism artwork after breastfeeding.

She shared: "That is Rob's not-endearing nickname for me after breastfeeding. Don't call your wife after she breastfeeds her children Picasso t*ts. Just a head's up that it's not a good idea."

The 39-year-old actress quipped that Robbie has thrown her enough insults over the years to match up to the Queen's comical husband Prince Philip.

Ayda added to The Sun newspaper: "You know how like there are those quotes of like Prince Philip of funny things that he has said? I feel like Rob is starting to compile a list of funny things that he has said about my body parts and at some point in 20 years there will be a list this long, it could be like Top 25."

The pair - who now sit aside each other as judges on 'The X Factor' - are constantly poking fun at one another's expense.

When Ayda gave birth to their son Charlton in 2014, Ayda claimed Robbie compared it to watching his "favourite pub burn down".

She recalled at the time: "After I gave birth to Charlie he described the experience as like 'watching his favourite pub burn down'. How many wives would put up with that?"

Robbie also live-tweeted the birth, but she thought it was "genius".

She said: "I thought the idea was genius. It took my mind off everything - especially the pain."

The TV star admits the pair - who tied the knot in 2010 - have a "strange sense of comedy", but that their funny exchanges are "healthy" as they don't take one another too seriously.

She added: "Rob and I both have this strange sense of comedy which always involves us being the butt of our own jokes. There is a massive degree of showing off and being these crazy characters.

"There are things about Rob and me that are incredibly alike.

"To want to perform comes from a place of insecurity and people-pleasing, which we both share.

"But it's a healthy outlet. There are a lot of people out there taking themselves far too seriously. We are very happy to be more than a little bit ridiculous. It's acting out in a way that doesn't do anyone any harm."

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