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Rita Ora: Love is not my priority

Rita Ora has admitted falling in love isn't her "priority" right now, but when she does find the one, she always falls "really hard".

Rita Ora: Love is not my priority


Rita Ora says love is "not her priority right now".

The 'Lonely Together' hitmaker has admitted that when she is in a relationship she always falls "really hard", but the pop star insisted she is not actively seeking a romantic partner.

She told the October issue of Marie Claire magazine: "People love to know about my personal life, and I've sort of accepted that, but what I've learned about love is that it's not my main priority right now.

"I love hard and fall really hard, all the time."

The 'Soul Survivor' singer also revealed she often gets her mum Vera to come over and stay at her house when she gets "lonely" because she makes her feel "safe", whilst she confessed to being "babied" by her parent.

She said: "I ask my mum to stay at mine all the time.

"Having my mother there feels like a reminder of being safe, of not feeling judged.

"I'm always saying, 'Do you want to come and sleep over?' Because it gets a bit lonely.

"And I love having my mum make me food too.

"I like to be babied, even though I'm, like, grown."

The 28-year-old star has been romantically linked to the likes of Andrew Garfield, Calvin Harris, Rob Kardashian and Andrew Wyatt in the past, but she recently admitted she finds it "difficult to date".

She said: "I've found it's too difficult to date someone. But if it's too difficult, that really confirms it's just not the right time."

But the 'Let You Love Me' hitmaker doesn't want to wait too much longer before she goes on the hunt for Mr. Right, because she wants a "massive family" in the future.

She added: "But I don't want to leave it too late either, because I do want to have a massive family in the future."

Read Rita's full interview with Marie Claire in the October issue, out today (05.09.19).

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