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Rihanna's stalker pleads guilty

A man has pleaded guilty to stalking Rihanna after he broke into her house last year - but he won't be jailed.

Rihanna's stalker pleads guilty


A man has pleaded guilty to stalking Rihanna - but won't be jailed.

Eduardo Leon was arrested in May 2018 for breaking into the 'Work' hitmaker's home and appeared on court on Wednesday (06.02.18) in relation to the incident, where he admitted offenses of stalking, vandalism and resisting arrest.

However, a burglary charge against him was dismissed, The Blast reports.

Eduardo was sentenced to five years probation and ordered to participate in a Office of Diversion and Re-entry (ODR) programme, which is designed for offenders who have "mental health and/or substance use disorders, including persons who are homeless".

The 30-year-old pop star was also granted a criminal protection order against him.

Eduardo reportedly spent 12 hours inside Rihanna's house last May before he was found by the 'Diamonds' singer's assistant.

When he was arrested by police, he claimed he intended on having sex with Rihanna - who was not home at the time - though he insisted he would not have done it without her consent.

A few months after Eduardo's arrest, police were called to the 'Umbrella' hitmaker's home again following a suspected burglary attempt that tripped her alarm.

Officer Mike Lopez of the LAPD's Media Relations Section confirmed in September: "Officers responded to a home in the 7800 block of Hillside Avenue about 9:30 pm."

And in August, police sent units to the mansion after the alarm was activated by accident.

Insiders at the time claimed Rihanna wasn't home when the authorities arrived, but it was revealed there was no immediate threat to the property.

Meanwhile, in 2015, investigators questioned a man who had sent the singer death threats and taken selfies outside her mansion, whilst in 2014, police in New York arrested a man after he showed up at her SoHo home to deliver notes to the star, after having already sent multiple letters to her Los Angeles address.

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