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Rebel Wilson: Dating is challenging in LA

Rebel Wilson feels it is a "challenge" dating in Los Angeles because Hollywood's beauty standards are "very unrealistic".

Rebel Wilson: Dating is challenging in LA


Rebel Wilson says it is a "challenge" dating in Los Angeles.

The 'Pitch Perfect' star thinks Hollywood's beauty standards are "very unrealistic" and joked that she finds it easier to date elsewhere in the world.

She said: "Los Angeles is a bit of a challenge. I remember when we shot 'Pitch Perfect 3' in Atlanta. Boy, was I popular there! I should move to a city like Atlanta. I was considered a 10 there. Not to say the people in Atlanta aren't good looking. But Hollywood's beauty standards are very unrealistic."

And the 38-year-old actress has revealed what her ideal man is like.

She added to People magazine: "I look for someone who is physically bigger than me. It makes you feel more feminine. If I feel like I'm going to crush a guy in a cage fight, then they are probably not the guy for me. It's wanting someone who is kind person. I've been so lucky to create this awesome life for myself that I want to find that person to share it with. It can be a roller coaster being in the public eye, so I guess I [really just want] genuine niceness and supportiveness."

Rebel previously confessed she doesn't consider herself to be beautiful.

Speaking about her 'Pitch Perfect' co-stars, she said: "Everyone is so different looking and I think that's great but I think all the girls, I'll take myself out, they're so beautiful and they're all so gorgeous. They all have a light that shines through and I think that's why we have so much fun working together, because they're beautiful inside and out."

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