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Proud girlfriend Mollie King

Mollie King is a "very proud girlfriend" but her boyfriend Stuart Broad had to explain the rules of cricket to her when they first started dating.

Proud girlfriend Mollie King


Mollie King is a "very proud girlfriend".

The former Saturdays singer has been dating cricketer Stuart Broad for the last 18 months and though she's very supportive of his career, she admitted she had a lot to learn about his chosen sport when they first got together.

She said: "[I'm a] very proud girlfriend.

"There are so many rules, aren't there? I've always been very up front, like 'Right, you need to teach me how this works'.

"[Now], I mean, don't test me, but I feel like I could easily watch a game and know what's going on."

The 32-year-old beauty is very private about her relationship but she did admit things are going well between them.

She said: "It's good thank's really good"."

Mollie is based in London for her BBC Radio 1 show while Stuart plays for Nottinghamshire but the couple do what it takes to make their long-distance romance work.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I think if you want to make it work then you just do. We're quite good at travelling to each other on our days off, it's just about putting in the time."

Meanwhile, although Mollie "of course" thinks men and women should earn equal salaries for equivalent roles, she admitted she's got no idea whether or not her radio co-host, Matt Edmondson, earns more than her, but if he does, she would understand why.

She said: "I feel a little bit awkward asking... He's been there for nine years longer than I have."

The 'Issues' hitmaker hopes she'll be on the radio for some time in the future.

She said: "I think the BBC are really good at taking you in and letting you grow there and develop."

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