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Priyanka Chopra: Nick Jonas supports my individual ambition

Priyanka Chopra loves that Nick Jonas supports her "individual ambition" and she believes that is what makes their relationship so "healthy".

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Priyanka Chopra: Nick Jonas supports my individual ambition


Priyanka Chopra loves that Nick Jonas supports her "individual ambition".

The 'Sky Is Pink' star feels grateful to be married to the 'Only Human' hitmaker and says their healthy relationship is down to both of them allowing one another to have their own "individual dreams" outside the relationship too.

She said: "I think for anyone in any relationship, it's really important to find a partner that can support your individual ambition or your individual dreams outside of them and let you do that thing. And I think that's the healthiest relationship."

And the 37-year-old actress is happy that video calling exists as it allows them to talk more despite the distance between them sometime.

She added: "Something we've always known about each other is that our schedules have been crazy, but thank god for video calling. I can't imagine what used to happen before that. But yeah, we make sure we stay in touch all the time, we keep each other informed about each other's lives. It's really important."

And whilst their have their own ambitions, Priyanka and Nick are sure on one thing - they want to have kids together when it is the "right time".

She told Entertainment Tonight: "Ever since we got married, we've both known that it's something that we want in our lives. Whenever it's the right time, I'm sure it'll happen."

Meanwhile, Priyanka previously revealed she married a "feminist" in Nick.

She said: "I married a feminist. He's not afraid to use the word and I love that. One of the big moments when I thought, 'Oh, this guy is different,' was early on when we were on a boat with friends. I had a meeting to go to and kept saying, 'If someone gives me a reason to cancel, I will.' He pulled me aside and said, 'Listen, I see that you want me to tell you to cancel, but I won't. You've worked hard to be where you are. I'll take our friends for dinner and wait for you. When you're finished, come back and join us.' ... I don't think I've ever been with someone who is self-assured enough for me to be in the spotlight and for him to be OK with it. As women, we're normally the ones who have to say, 'Yeah, I can move that appointment,' or 'What you did at work today was amazing.' That's what made Nick so different."

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