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Peter Andre spent 'months' on birthday surprise

Peter Andre spent "months" planning his surprise of a new Range Rover for his wife Emily's 30th birthday.

Peter Andre spent 'months' on birthday surprise


Peter Andre spent "months" planning a birthday surprise for his wife Emily.

The 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker bought a £40,000 Range Rover for the doctor to mark her turning 30 last week and she was so thrilled with the shock gift, she "screamed" with delight.

Peter said: "As a surprise, I got her a Range Rover - her dream car.

"I've been planning it for months and really want to thank my mate Paolo for helping me arrange it all.

"Ever since I met Emily, she's been telling me how she was going to work hard to buy one, but I've done it for her.

"She was literally screaming when she saw it. She was so happy."

The 46-year-old singer - who has children Amelia, five, and Theodore, two, with Emily, and Junior, 14, and Princess, 12, with ex-wife Katie Price - admitted he had had a sleepless night before pulling off the surprise.

He wrote in his column for new! magazine: "It's only done 33 miles and that was to get it to the house.

"It arrived at 8am on her birthday but I was up all night stressing it wouldn't arrive."

Before she saw her new car, the medic had assumed her husband had "forgotten" her birthday.

In a video shared to Instagram, Peter opened the front door and Emily peeped her head around the frame, she then gasped before she hid her face, dropped the card and said: "What on earth?"

Once Emily had locked eyes on her brand new motor, she couldn't wait to get a closer look and ran across to it and plonked herself in the driver's seat.

She said: "I thought you'd forgotten my birthday! Thank you, oh my God, can I give you a cuddle now? Thank you so much!"

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