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Penny Lancaster's romantic son

Sir Rod Stewart and Lady Penny Lancaster-Stewart's son Aidan proposed to his classmate after deciding he was in love with the young girl.

Penny Lancaster's romantic son


Lady Penny Lancaster Stewart has revealed that her young son Aidan is very romantic and has already proposed once to a girl at his school who he was "in love" with.

The 47-year-old former model raises seven-year-old Aiden and Alastair, 13, with her husband Sir Rod Stewart and it seems as though the youngster has inherited his music legend dad's penchant for the ladies.

Penny has spilled that Aiden fell for a classmate and created a homemade engagement ring to present to her after discussing matters of the heart with his mother.

The blonde beauty revealed the sweet story during a discussion about Poundland's new range of budget engagement rings which have just been unveiled ahead of Valentine's Day (14.02.19).

She said: "I know my seven-year-old son Aidan would love this ring, because a couple of years ago he was in love with a little girl in his class, he was five, and he made her an engagement ring. He found a little box, put tissue paper in it and he said, 'Mummy, how do I give it to her?' And I said, 'Just say I really care about you, I love you, or whatever you want to say and here's a gift.' She returned with a letter saying, 'I love the ring, yes, can we be married.' "

However, Penny indicated that her son has moved on from his crush, adding with a smile: "The engagement is off, sorry!"

Penny also revealed that although she loved the engagement ring that Rod used to pop the question she got a new "marriage ring" when they tied the knot in June 2007 at La Cervara near Portofino, Italy.

She said: "Rod secretly went off to find my ring, it wasn't this one I have now, actually, because we've been together for a long, long time. He found the ring himself and proposed, when we did finally get married we chose a new ring together to symbolise that bond, like a marriage ring."

Penny and Rod decided to renew their wedding vows in 2017 in the grounds of their 18th-century home in Essex, South East England, to celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary.

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