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Paul Young recovering from pneumonia

Paul Young is recovering from pneumonia ahead of his upcoming UK tour.

Paul Young recovering from pneumonia


Paul Young is recovering from pneumonia.

The 63-year-old musician is preparing to embark on a UK tour but has admitted that he is still finding everyday tasks such as walking up the stairs difficult after his recent battle with the lung infection.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, he said: "I have just got over pneumonia. It has been tough, took it out of me.

"I had to admit myself to hospital in the end. It started off as a cold and then it just got worse.

"I am still recovering from it and I am still finding it hard doing stuff like walking up stairs. The tour starts in a few weeks so I will be fit by then."

Paul's wife Stacey Young, 52, died in January 2018, two years after being diagnosed with cancer and Paul revealed that Stacey's illness made him look after his own health.

He explained: "When she first got ill, we all said we'd cut out sugar, because it aggravates cancer, so we did that as a show of solidarity with Stacey.

"Having said that, looking after her for those two years, I wasn't looking after myself, so I've got back on the trail now."

Young met Stacey on the video shoot for his second single, 'Come Back and Stay', in 1983, and they tied the knot four years later when they were living together in Los Angeles.

The couple split in 2006 and she subsequently had a fourth child, a son called Jude, with Israeli businessman Ilan Slazenger.

But they reconciled in 2009 and Young eventually became Jude's step-father.

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