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Olivia Colman loved wearing nightie in The Favourite

Olivia Colman was made up that she got to wear her night dress for most of 'The Favourite'.

Olivia Colman loved wearing nightie in The Favourite


Olivia Colman was "excited" to just wear a "nightie" in most of 'The Favourite'.

The 44-year-old actress plays the lead role of Queen Anne in the period production and was relieved to find out that because the film is set in the 18th century, she wouldn't have to don a tight-fitting corset throughout filming.

Costume designer Sandy Powell said: "Olivia was always excited about everything, because that's her personality, but was especially excited that for most of the film she wore a nightie and no corset."

However, Olivia's co-star, Emma Stone, didn't get off so lightly and found the restrictive garment uncomfortable, though she was praised for doing so without complaint.

Sandy added to HELLO! magazine: "Emma Stone had never done a period film or worn a corset, so it was a new and alien experience for her.

"Considering that, she was really easy to work with and willing to put up with the discomfort of getting used to wearing one.

"We had to persuade her that once she eased into it, it would become natural."

Nicholas Hoult, who plays the queen's minister Robert Hartley, had a hugely elaborate costume, and Sandy spent a lot of time teaching him how to walk in high heels without problems

She said: "He had never worn period costume before, let alone huge wigs and high heels.

"He was over 7ft tall in costume. I had to give him lessons in how to walk in heels at his fittings - he took it very seriously."

Sandy was helped in her work by the fact director Yorgos Lanthimos had such a clear vision for the movie.

She said: "He wanted the actors to look like they were wearing clothes, not costumes.

"Even if they were clothes the modern eye isn't used to seeing, they were clothes that people would have worn every day.

"He wanted the women to be make-up free and natural-looking but the men to look like overdressed, flamboyant peacocks."

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