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Olivia Colman: I'm not thick-skinned

Olivia Colman has confessed she doesn't use social media because she isn't "thick-skinned" and admits one negative comment made her "cry and go into a depression".

Olivia Colman: I'm not thick-skinned


Olivia Colman avoids social media because she isn't "thick-skinned".

The 'Favourite' star admits there have been times where she read a particularly mean comment online and it made her "cry and go into a depression".

Speaking on David Tennant's David Tennant Does A Podcast With, she said: "I'm not on social media because I don't think I'm very thick-skinned. On occasion I've read something that I shouldn't have and I'll stay awake - I'll cry and I'll go into a depression. I don't know if they think you have no feeling, no nerve endings or you're not real. I'm fortunate that it doesn't happen often. But I don't know how people cope."

Meanwhile, the 44-year-old actress previously confessed she finds it "intimidating" leaving the house now she is recognised everywhere she goes.

She said: "I don't really go out anymore. I find it one-sided; everybody knows your face but you don't know theirs. I find that a little intimidating. I tend to stay at home. I love my job very much and know that is an unfortunate side effect. And again some people deal with it better than me.

"It is annoying. I went over there [to America] for a holiday and it was heaven, because I went out to the park with the kids and nobody looked twice. And now that is annoying isn't it? I will have to find somewhere else to go."

And Olivia dreads being judged by critics.

Asked whether she finds the scrutiny hard to deal with, she explained: "I love doing the work so much, it's almost a shame that people have to see it."

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