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Olivia Colman hits back at trolls

Olivia Colman has hit out at people who comment on her talent based on her appearance.

Olivia Colman hits back at trolls


Olivia Colman thinks anyone who doesn't like her because of the size of her bottom can "f**k off."

The 45-year-old actress has admitted she used to feel so self-conscious about her appearance when she was growing up but now she's learnt to ignore what people say about her body as she's had three children - Finn, 14, Hall, 12, and a little girl aged four - and she looks different now.

Speaking to America's Vogue magazine, she said: "I look up pictures of myself as a teenager, and I think I was gorgeous. But I didn't feel that. All those little comments through those precious years can have long-lasting negative effects.

"You see images of a perfect person and say, 'I can never be that.' Over the years, pounds have gone on, and my body has changed; I've had children. If someone doesn't like me because of the size of my bum, they can fuck off. Because I'm quite a nice person to be with, actually.

"Once I was in a steam room and there were these two women, big women, who sat there, hot and sweaty, so beautiful--I felt like they were almost goddesses. I want that confidence."

The 'Crown' star - who was raised in Norfolk - lives in South London with her children and her husband Ed Sinclair but she'd loved to move to the seaside when her career takes a back seat.

She said: "These streets are a lovely community--they really look after you. I think I might never be able to completely leave London, even though I do dream of buggering off to the seaside."

When she was growing up, Olivia had no ambition to become an actress.

She explained: "When Bambi's mummy got done in, I think I had to be taken out of the cinema, and I didn't go back for years. Quite an emotional child. Hard as nails now, obviously."

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