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Oli Sykes thought he was 'going mad' before rehab

Oli Sykes admitted that he was in a "really bad place" before seeking medical treatment for his ketamine addiction in 2014.

Oli Sykes thought he was 'going mad' before rehab


Bring Me the Horizon frontman Oli Sykes thought he was "going mad" before going to rehab for his ketamine addiction.

The 32-year-old singer was in a "really bad place" before seeking medical treatment for his substance abuse issues back in 2014 and he admits his decision to get clean was a make-or-break moment for the metal band - also comprised of Lee Malia, Matt Nicholls and Jordan Fish.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, he said: "It was a wake-up call. I'd surrounded myself by people in a really bad place. I was hearing voices in my head and that was scaring me. I felt I was going mad. I never wanted to go back there. I'm so glad I got through it and am here today, looking forward."

The 'Mantra' hitmaker - who is married to Brazilian model Alissa Salls - went on to explain how his split from his first wife Hannah Pixie Snowdon in 2016, after he found out she was cheating on him, influenced his songwriting on the group's latest album 'Amo'.

He said: "I found out about the affair because her emails were open one day. It was a huge shock. It messed with my head. I was like a zombie for a while and I was more worried about my ex than myself because I could see she was going through a hard time dealing with what they had done. There wasn't really a lot of anger at first. But then that turned into denial and almost blaming me for everything

"That was when it got bad because I'd kept my mouth shut for this whole time and tried to help this person through it, but now she's trying to drag me down because she can't cope ... Jordan kept saying to me all the time, 'Why aren't you writing about this?' So I decided to write about it but not be angry."

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