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Noel Gallagher got his swagger from Live Forever

Noel Gallagher says 'Live Forever' is the song that gave him his supreme confidence in his songwriting abilities.

Noel Gallagher got his swagger from Live Forever


Noel Gallagher got his "swagger" from 'Live Forever'.

Although the 52-year-old singer/songwriter is renowned for his self-belief, he admitted that until he wrote 'Live Forever', for Oasis' 1994 album 'Definitely Maybe', he wasn't that confident.

Noel explained: "I have to say I wasn't that confident until I wrote 'Live Forever' - and then I was like 'f**k these idiots. This is where I get the swagger now."

Noel also revealed his main plan with 'Definitely Maybe' was to knock Phil Collins and Wet Wet Wet out of the charts.

He said: "I wanted to get in the charts and wreck it, stamp Phil Collins out, and Wet Wet Wet, they've got to go."

The album went seven-times platinum in the UK but Noel believes its success was down to chance.

He explained: "It is an amazing thing that I tapped into something by accident. That album in particular is the one, it came from a place of truth.

"I wrote it when I was living in a one-bedroomed apartment that I was renting off the local council. I had one guitar, probably two plectrums..."

And the album kicked off a period of unrivalled creativity from songwriter Noel, who admits he is still surprised by the quality of songs he produced.

Speaking in an excerpt from Alex Niven's new book 'Oasis' Definitely Maybe', which appears in the Daily Mirror newspaper, Noel said: "Every song that I seemed to write for about two years was amazing. I was so clever at one point even I did not know what I was going about."

"'Supersonic' was written in the studio one night. There was something happening around me as a songwriter and subsequently the timing of it was everything. If it happened five years later it would not have had the impact."

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