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Nikki Bella ran away on first date with Artem Chigvinstev

Former WWE superstar Nikki Bella admitted she "freaked" and drove off without saying a word during her first date with Artem Chigvinstev.

Nikki Bella ran away on first date with Artem Chigvinstev


Nikki Bella "freaked" and drove off during her first date with Artem Chigvinstev.

The 'Total Divas' star and her beau first went out together in December 2018, and now she has admitted she just "walked away" with no explanation when she spotted paparazzi nearby.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Our first date was at the farmer's market in Studio City, and I had no idea that it was filled with paparazzi.

"So Artem and I are, like, looking at vegetables - and I honestly think he was picking up tomatoes - and I see a paparazzi in this corner, and one in the other corner and I just freaked.

"I walked away from him, all the way to my car that was parked at Von's and I drove off. And poor Artem, all of a sudden I get a text like, 'Uhh, where did you go?' I didn't even say anything."

The 37-year-old dancer admitted he was worried he'd messed up so early into their date as he saw her "almost running" from the market.

He said: "I'm [with] a basket of vegetables, just standing there, thinking, 'Did she [go] somewhere? What happened?'

"And I'm seeing, like, a shadow crossing the road and almost running. So I'm like, 'Did I do something wrong?' "

Despite the shaky start, the pair's romance is going from strength to strength, and although they're taking things slow the former WWE superstar admitted his parents have brought up the topic of starting a family.

She added: "I think the tricky part is our ages and we're falling in love so quick. We should be moving really fast, but then I get very hesitant and I like to just slow down a bit. "But then when his dad asked about babies I'm like, 'Well, I guess I am almost 36 years old, maybe that's why he's asking.' "

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