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Nico Tortorella: Ashton Kutcher once scolded me for doing drugs

'Younger' star Nico Tortorella says Ashton Kutcher once yelled at them for doing drugs, which they describe as a "wake up call".

Nico Tortorella: Ashton Kutcher once scolded me for doing drugs


Nico Tortorella says Ashton Kutcher once yelled at them for doing drugs.

The 'Younger' actor - who identifies as "queer and non-binary", and prefers to use they and them pronouns - is set to release a new book titled 'Space Between' in which they explore their sexuality, past loves, and substance abuse.

And in the tome, 31-year-old Nico remembers an embarrassing moment when fellow actor Ashton allegedly scolded them for getting high whilst at a cast party.

They explained to People whilst talking about the book: "As a queer person, unfortunately the way that we usually find each other is in bars. It really lends to the fostering of addiction and alcohol and drug issues. I obviously went down that path quite a few times in my life. Only when I was really able to let go of that crutch was I able to really find myself."

Nico went on to explain that the book details their many drug and alcohol induced spirals, and said they were in the middle of one of these when Ashton intervened.

The star was only 21 at the time, and was acting in 'The Beautiful Life', a 2009 TV series about models that was partially based on Ashton's life.

Nico said that whilst they were at a cast party, they asked Ashton for some career advice, and ended up being scolded by the 'That 70s Show' star.

They added: "[He said] 'Don't ever put anything up your nose.' I'd literally just come out of the bathroom from doing a handful of key bumps. Ashton's a smart dude, and he very quickly realised I was high. He got in my face and started yelling at me, telling me I was flushing my entire career down my nose in front of everyone, including Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.

And Nico claims they stood up to Ashton, and argued it wasn't the right time to have a discussion about substance abuse.

They said: "In my mind I was hyper-calm and in control, telling him this wasn't the place to have an argument like this. When in actuality my jaw was probably doing the Macarena as I was blaming everyone else."

Whilst the 'Following' star didn't like being scolded by Ashton, they admit the interaction was a "wake up call".

They said: "It absolutely was a f***ing wake up call. Do I think that he handled it in the best way possible? No, absolutely not. Should I have been doing those things around my bosses at that moment? No, probably not. But if he or anyone in that moment actually cared about me, there would have been a way to sit down and have that conversation in a meaningful, helpful manner."

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